Cotton is one of the world’s most resource-intensive crops. Two percent of all arable land is farmed for cotton and yet it accounts, respectively, for 12 and 24 per cent of all fertilizer and pesticide use. 

The Aral Sea is a famous example of the damage poorly-managed cotton can do. It was the world’s fourth-largest lake as recently as 1998. Today, after an extensive water-diversion and irrigation project, it’s almost gone, leaving a legacy of devastation to the local environment. 

People living nearby now suffer from a lower standard of living and significant health problems, as a direct result of conventional cotton production. What happened there is regarded as one of the worst-ever environmental disasters.  

For us, the transition to sustainable cotton is vital. We are the region’s only formal menswear brand - actually, one of the few in the world - that offers a full range of organic cotton custom shirts in Dubai. We’re continuing to expand our selection and by 2020 we intend to be 100% organic.  

All of our garment bags are already organic, and you’ll only find recycled fibres in our labels and retail bags. [/fade]