The silk in our ties comes from Sichuan Province in western China. The region is famed for its natural beauty, diverse landscapes and bamboo forests. It is home to watery rice terraces, beautiful Himalayan terrain and the world’s only wild pandas. 

All our silk is organic, meaning its production is free from fertilizers and pesticides. There is a direct correlation between the quality of a silkworm’s diet and the silk it produces. That’s why our silkworms are fed the best available mulberry leaves. 

Looked after properly, their cocoons grow bigger and stronger, creating super-long silk filaments that can be spun into extremely soft silk that is even in texture and color. 

Our silk farms offer stable work for local people from farmers through to the tailors in Dubai. To encourage local biodiversity the farms also plant a wide range of tree species to create bird nesting sites and a rich habitat for local wildlife.[/fade]