Instead of plastic, horn or mother of pearl, we use organic corozo for the buttons on our mens custom suits and shirts. Corozo is sustainable and comes from the Tagua tree that grows in the lowland rainforests of Ecuador, Peru, Columbia and Panama. It is also known as vegetable ivory because of its similarity to real ivory. Our corozo is sourced from Ecuador and then it is made into buttons in Italy. They are durable and resistant to scratching but also biodegradable unlike plastic.  


Each Tagua plant produces up to 15 fruit clusters that are called “mococha." Each mococha has approximately 30 seeds, which are called Corozo or Tagua Nuts. Other than being biodegradable, they are a sustainable resource for two reasons. Firstly, the mococho clusters only fall from the plant when ripe. Seeds that are picked from the palm before they fall are not ripe enough for button production. So there’s absolutely no need for deforestation. Secondly, once mature, the Tagua trees can produce up to 50lbs of nuts annually for 100 years.   [/fade]