A picturesque little town west of Como is where we ended our search for the ideal hanger. There, we met a fourth-generation family business founded in 1920. Today, it’s run by three siblings, and we think they make the best hangers in the world. 

Made from the best available Macedonian beech, they are strong and durable. Because they are made from wood, they are not only sustainable but each one is unique and a work of art in its own right. Their design is beautifully functional. It follows the contours of the neck and shoulders to keep the jacket’s shape over time, they also wick up moisture after wear. Just like shoe trees, they add value. 

We love the workshop’s marriage of tradition and technology; form and function. Their attention-to-detail is inspiring, and their commitment to sustainability extends beyond the workshop floor. The factory, as well as the owners’ nearby homes, are powered using left-over wood chips from the production process.