Benjamin Siggers is a sustainable luxury menswear brand based in the UAE. To us, quality, transparency and environmental responsibility are central. 

Unlike a traditional retailer or tailor in Dubai, we come to you. We visit each client at his home or office to fit handmade, individually-tailored shirts and mens bespoke suits in Dubai. 

We make everything in Italy, and build close relationships with the people in our workshops. They all share our passion for fine crafting, attention-to-detail, and good working conditions. We also engage deeply with our supply chain to make sure we source sustainable materials and fabrics. 

Our business model means a more personal and convenient service; and without retail overheads, we can invest even more in outstanding quality. 

We work long-term with our clients and thrive on personal referrals. In fact, that’s the main way our business grows.[/fade]



Fashion is one of the world’s most environmentally and socially impactful industries. Cotton farming, dyeing, tanning, land clearing, industrial production, poor working conditions, unfair wages, and modern day slavery are just some of the ways the industry strains the planet’s resources and those living on it. 

When we founded Benjamin Siggers, we promised we would do things the right way. We would offer quality tailoring in Dubai using traditional methods and sustainable materials. Our supply chain would cause no unnecessary harm to the environment or to the people that work within it. That vision drives every decision we make. 

We need to become more aware of our clothing’s social and ecological footprint. The Benjamin Siggers brand stands for low-impact, exceptional quality clothing that’s made with care and attention. 

Company growth and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. For us to do well people and the environment don’t need to suffer. Increasingly, strong social and environmental protections are the foundation for profitable business. [/fade]



We believe there’s a lack of transparency and authenticity in the formal menswear market. 

Too often, brands don’t disclose how or where they make their clothes, or exactly what materials they’ve used. It’s even harder to find information about the true social and environmental impact of their products. These opaque supply chains make it almost impossible for consumers to make informed choices about the things they buy. 

We are a different kind of tailors in Dubai. We’re transparent about what we do because we want our customers to be confident about everything we offer including our shirts, jackets & bespoke suits in Dubai. We talk about where our clothes are made, who makes them and how. We’re also clear about our raw materials and where they come from. 

We are proud of our supply chain, which is why we don’t just tell you about it: we show you. Learn more about our workshops and the materials we use.  [/fade]



The fashion industry is incredibly water-intensive. In fact, 2,700 litres of water is needed to grow the cotton for a single T-shirt. That’s as much water as a person drinks in three years.  

We want to give back, and we feel water is the best place to do that. We have therefore pledged to donate 2% of annual sales to help provide clean, safe water for communities in developing countries.[/fade]